Land Law and Real Estate

The Practice of Land Law and Real Estate is one of the key practices of Constructive Lawyers. Providing full range of high quality services, starting from consultations up to finding complete solutions of the set tasks, became our priority goal. We will help you to take ownership, to process the deal of disposals or building commissioning, provide assistance in solving any land disputes.

The list of services includes:

  • Preparing a set of initial permissive documentation for passing the negotiation
  • Helping to get all the necessary allowing documents from the relevant authorities.
  • We provide legal support of legitimizing procedures for redevelopment or reconstruction of facilities.
  • We provide legal consulting services, such as counseling on registration of permissive documentation that allow to carry out building process of the area, the commissioning of new facilities into operation, to get the property rights, privatization and change purposes of land usage.
  • We will help you to formalize real estate ownership quickly. The service includes registration procedure and obtains writing out from the ownership Registry. Comprehensive approach to the gathering and registration of permission documentation and its negotiation.
  • Our specialists represent interests of clients in state and local supervising authorities.

Why Constructive Lawyers?

Employees of the company are dedicated people. With the help of our team you will be able to solve any problem concerning land disputes and issues related to real estate. Aside from the lawyers and attorneys in Constructive Lawyers works specialists in the field of engineering and architecture, that gives opportunity to obtain an expert evaluation of the object in a short time.

We know how to help everyone!

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