Criminal Law

Business development cannot proceed without attracting the attention of law enforcement authorities. Specialists of the company Constructive Lawyers are ready to provide full-range services in the area of criminal law aimed to protect each client in the Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ukrainian Security Service and the Ministry of income and fees of Ukraine.

The list of services includes:

  • Consulting and providing comprehensive explanations on criminal law issues.
  • Reconstruction of a crime and the suspect action analysis to determine the presence of a crime.
  • Providing legal protection of the accused during the pre-trial proceedings.
  • Protection of suspected in committing a crime or convicted people during the court proceedings.
  • Representing persons' interests, presented in the criminal proceedings as witnesses or victims.
  • Analysis and evidential base formation, grounded on an independent investigation, preparation of legal documents.
  • Protection of the interests in dealing with the law enforcement bodies or appealing their actions.
  • Legal support during serving criminal sentences or their execution.

Why Constructive Lawyers?

Our specialists are experts in each of represented law sectors. This enables us not only consult clients but foresee the occurrence of possible risks and take acts to minimize their influence.

Constructive Lawyers attorneys can always find the most cost-effective solution for non-standard situations.

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