Construction Law

Building law is the most important tool in regulation relations between subjects of the building industry. «Constructive Lawyers» works in this field with the legal entities and individuals. We act as initiators of the changes in legislative framework in the sector of housing construction and investment.

The list of services includes:

  • Preparing measures for arranging the active protection of the rights of individuals, who makes investments in housing construction.
  • Development and implementation of mechanisms for financing building, both at the beginning stage and for already completed process, with the procurement of capital.
  • Our experts will analyze the activity of all participants of the building supplies market and will make an experts' conclusion that allows our clients to choose a project for investment intelligently.
  • Assessment of all the risks for investment projects.
  • Examination of investment and development contracts.
  • Representation of interests and protection of the client in case of rights violation of the investment project participants, preparation of all necessary documents.
  • Qualify legal counseling in all issues of building activity.
  • Legal support of meetings, negotiations, representation of interests in transaction process.

Why Constructive Lawyers?

The team of experienced lawyers will help you to lead a construction business in strict accordance with the law. We are not just giving advice and recommendations to our clients, we actively participate in development of each project. Timely response to changes in legislative and legal rules allows you to avoid the occurrence of non-standard situations.

It is easier to build a future with professional support!

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