Family Law

Specialists of the law firm Constructive Lawyers provide full-range services for legal representation and expert counseling of clients who want to issue a marriage agreement, custody, divorce and implement property division.

If it is necessary, our lawyers of the family law Practice are working with specialists of corporate, tax and criminal law, that allows fully anticipate and neutralize the impact of litigation on the financial position of the client.

The list of services includes:

  • Estimation of prospects of legal disputes in family matters and supports their resolution, including in court or out of court procedure.
  • Preparation and presentation of interests during the signing marriage agreement.
  • Accompaniment of render ineffective of the transaction in a court proceeding, which was signed by one of the spouses.
  • Representing clients' interests in legal matters related to living in a civil marriage (property division, children).
  • Representation interests related to the dissolution of marriage (divorce) and division of property.
  • Determining place of living of a minor child, his/her communication with the parent, who is living apart from the child, upbringing and maintenance of the child.
  • Deprivation of parental rights.
  • Acknowledgment (contesting) of paternity.

Why Constructive Lawyers?

Constant improvement of our knowledge in the field of family law, studying foreign and domestic experience allows us quickly respond to the set tasks, not only protecting the interests of the client, but also preventing the occurrence of disputes.

The experience of our specialists showed the importance of the correct marriage contract preparation. Very often the aim of appealing to Constructive Lawyers becomes a desire to be confident in the future. And this desire is completely justified.

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