EU Law

Absolutely new concept for Ukrainian law system has become the European Union Law Practice. It should be noted about its high correlation with international law. This is the main reason why basic standards of the international law were inserted as a fundamental basis for the European Union law system. Despite the contiguity of these systems, the EU law practice is relevant for the development of public and private enterprises, for the country’s investment fund expansion.

The list of services includes:

  • Provision of normative acts translation followed by legal verifications.
  • Explaining of the intricacies of the European Union Court judiciary practice.
  • Analysis of regulatory legal acts in order to establish their compliance with EU legislation.

Qualification and professionalism of our employees allows Constructive Lawyers provide counseling on all areas and departments that are governed by the law of the European Union, namely:

  • In trade sector we provide competition analysis, control of government procurement.
  • Provision of financial services and conducting financial transactions.
  • Introduction of environmental protection program.
  • Defense of intellectual property rights and consumer protection.
  • Transport and energy.
  • Tax system.
  • Creation of corporate associations and companies «from scratch».
  • Observance of European standards.

Why Constructive Lawyers?

Experience of the EU Practice lawyers and their knowledge of the basic principles of EU institutions give opportunity for the company to provide not only consulting concerning legal issues of the European Union but fully analyze and forecast the development prospects of this sphere.

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