Corporate social responsibility of the law firm «Constructive Lawyers» is a competent business management, with due consideration of the society interests, participation in social and economic processes of society and Ukraine in general.

Corporate social responsibility of the company «Constructive Lawyers» is a business management philosophy that based on the next principles:

  1. Liability for each employee.

It is very important for us to provide comfortable and safe working conditions for each employee. Absence of the racial abuse, discrimination based on religion or political preferences and according to the age or working experience is a key feature of the effective personal development. Transparent system of the employment, promotion and dismission allows each employee to control the observance of human rights.

  1. Observation of the business ethics standards.

Under the conditions of a severe competition it is always important to follow the principles of fair competition, thus preserving the reputation of the company and each employee. In addition, it allows to fight against corruption more efficiently, by preventing legalization process of shady and illegal income.

Participating and conducting of round tables, conferences, training events allows to show to the business community the principles and benefits of CSR in details.

  1. Support of the legal culture level.

A responsible approach to each client and to the problem solving allows not only provide legal services, but also promoting the development of the citizens' legal culture through the timely provision of information services.

  1. The improvement of the economic and political climate of the country.

The quality of the provided services is very important for us. It requires a constant development of special knowledge and extending the sphere of influence. Applying this principle, we are constantly working on increasing of the list of services that offer an opportunity of new jobs creation. Actively support and participate in the implementation of social programs or projects and charity work conducting is important for us.

Improvement of the social standards of the country life is impossible without constant development and mutual help. Taken as a basis principles helps to the lawyers of the law firm «Constructive Lawyers» actively participate in improving of the people’s life quality and promote social and economic development, as in the regions of the company’s presence and in the country in general.

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