Corporate Law

Coherence of functioning of all structures serves as a guarantee of effective work of the enterprise. Corporate law is a set of legal rules that define the organization’s legal status, the procedure of business management or creation of the new companies. We provide not only consulting services on issue of corporate activity for our clients, but also give a legal support for the restructuring and absorption process.

The list of services includes:

  • Consulting on business activity issues.
  • Support during the registration process of legal entities any legal form of organization and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Drafting of corporate legal documents and contracts, registration of patents, licenses and certificates.
  • Creating of associations, legal support of legal entities.
  • Restructuring or liquidation of legal entities, including bankruptcy, carried out with the full support of our legal experts.
  • «Corporate Secretary» for legal entities (organization of work of collective management bodies). The task we are solving is creation of effective interaction between shareholders and the management team of the company, improving the existing or introducing more effective management system.
  • Arbitration manager. We provide full legal support during the bankruptcy procedure, from consulting up to closing the accounts.
  • Protection of the interests in corporate disputes. We evaluate conflict situations from the legal point of view, represent the company in negotiations and in court.
  • Conducting of legal audit for legal entities, assessment of legal risks of purchasing and selling of ready business.
  • Legal support of purchase or sale of businesses, regardless of property category.
  • Consummation of a deal accompanied by the lawyer.
  • Other.

Why Constructive Lawyers?

For today, we have accumulated experience of working with a variety of structures, correct usage of which helps us professionally and cost-effectively find the most appropriate, individual solution for each situation. Staff qualifications guarantee the success of the whole transaction and become the determining factor in the choice of our company. We are proud and cherish of the success of each client.

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