Intellectual property

Defense of intellectual property is a topical issue for Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers. Constructive Lawyers сompany provides a wide range of services aimed at protecting intellectual property rights, copyright and customer agreements.

The list of services includes:

  • Legal support of cinematography and television production.
  • Defending of the client rights, both in court and during pre-trial proceedings.
  • Content protection on the Internet, identification and seizure of the illegal use and distribution of copyright, protection of property rights to the domain names.
  • Assistance in registration of property rights for trademarks, industrial patterns, brand names, literary and/or artistic works and other intellectual inventions. Obtaining patents, licenses, drafting copyright agreements.
  • Legal support of the media work, conducting of complex audit of the resource functioning, the editorial preparation of agreements.
  • Defending rights of the composers and performers.
  • Protection of commercial secrets.

Why Constructive Lawyers?

We realize the importance of preserving the uniqueness of private products. Defending rights of intellectual property is one of the few ways to protect your company from usage and appropriation by competitors your inventions, developments or counterfeits distribution. Protect yourself from fraud or illegal use of the brand logo and to defend distributor interests is possible only with the help of coordinated work of professional team.

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