Financial and Banking Law

An important aspect of bank work is compliance legal organization of financial transactions and relationships between contractors, customers, state bodies and financial institutions. Constructive Lawyers team is experienced specialists. It gives us opportunity to provide full legal support in financial and banking law for legal entities, banks and organizations that are engaged in financial activities.

The list of services includes:

  • Legal support for the establishment, reorganization and liquidation/absorption of different financial institutions. Preparation of the new documentation relating to the functioning of institution.
  • Providing legal advice on obtaining permission documents (licenses), preparation of contracts for the services provision related to finance.
  • Clarifying features of financial monitoring organization, lending and implementation of investment mechanisms in real estate.
  • Support of deals relating to all financial transactions (including loans, restructuring and recovery of credits and debts).
  • Protecting the rights and legitimate interests of financial institutions and banks. Legal support of work and participation in the solution of controversial issues of cooperation with the National Bank of Ukraine, National Commission for Regulation of Financial Services, Commission for Securities and Stock Market.
  • Providing clarification and legal assistance in use of Ukrainian currency market and banking legislation, the solving regulatory and tax issues.

Why Constructive Lawyers?

Financial and banking law Practice development allows us to protect our clients from carrying uncertain or illegal financial transactions. Our lawyers have experience in legal support of different structures, such as banks, funds, credit and financial institutions.

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